Big Bonuses During IHG’s Summer Promotion

IHG is running a summer promotion during which customers can earn some serious bonus points per stay, like 5000 of them, beginning with the second stay. The promotion begins July 1 and ends September 16.

And there’s more!

Customers who sign up for the promotion also get twenty to thirty percent off with the “Easy Like Summer” rate. This applies for bookings made from June 18 through July 15 for stays completed from July 1 through September 16

As if that wasn’t enough, there’s gas savings, too. The Fuel Rewards program can give customers a discount of up to 32% on one tank of fuel after the first stay is completed. Terms will, of course, apply.

This is a quick sign up with a potential for big rewards if you’re planning on traveling to a couple of destinations this summer.

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