The British Airways Travel Together Ticket– Do or Don’t?

If you spend $30,000 a year with your British Airways Visa Signature Card, the company has an interesting offer: its Travel Together Ticket. While at first glance taking advantage of this discount may seem like a no-brainer, when the rubber meets the road (or in this case, when the wheels meet the runway), this (single ticket) discount (unlike, say, one you can use for multiple tickets like the Southwest Companion Pass) isn’t necessarily all it’s cracked up to be. Let’s take a closer look at what you’re really getting with the Travel Together Ticket (and what you’re not).

A problem with the British Airways Travel Together Ticket is in the number of restrictions attached to it. While there’s a fairly long list of restrictions that come with the deal (about 18 in the ‘Rules and Restrictions’ section on the British Airways website), two restrictions sound particularly hefty, so I’ll just list those:

First, you can ONLY use the Travel Together Ticket on British Airways flights. Like…period. No subsidiaries, no other linked companies, nada. That just seems a tad harsh. Second, you can only use the Travel Together Ticket for flights originating in, and returning to, the U.S. If you think about it, this excludes SO MANY flight possibilities, round trip or otherwise.

Okay, now let’s take a moment to make a general observation about British Airways flight fees as they relate to the Travel Together Ticket. One good thing about this discount is that you can choose whichever cabin class you want (but you and your companions must book the same flight and same flight class). This makes for an interesting discovery when we start comparing rates: economy and even business class flights come with so many fees attached (over $2,000 worth for two premiums!) that it just doesn’t seem worth it to shell out that kind of money for the mediocre advantage the Travel Together Ticket affords. However, I should say that for first class flights the discount is much more promising, which is what many travelers end up using it for.

Bottom line: For most normal, everyday travelers, the BA Travel Together Ticket is probably not for you. If you want to really cut corners and are fine flying economy or business, it’s best to stick to the basics, i.e. cash, credit, and any other regular deals and savings that come your way. And frankly, $30,000 is A LOT of cash to spend to qualify for this voucher. That being said, if you don’t mind spending big or maybe just like the idea of a couple of discounted first class tickets for you and your significant other, then it definitely wouldn’t hurt to give the Travel Together Ticket a try. Whatever you choose, happy flying!

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