Everything You Need to Know About the Changes to the Marriott/SPG Rewards Program

Earlier this week, Marriott announced and explained the changes that are being made to the Marriott/SPG rewards redemption schedule in a press release. In this article, we’ll walk you through all the new changes and explain everything you need to know about the updated policies.

Changes to Categories

The major three changes to hotel categories are as follows: 52% of hotels will drop to a lower redemption rate, 31% of hotels will have an increased redemption rate, and 17% will remain the same. To put that into more understandable terms: 6,300 hotels will now be under 35,000 points per each night you stay. They’re launching a new Category 8 in 2019 that’s expected to cost 25,000 more points each night.

PointSavers Chart

One of the beneficial changes is the PointSavers Chart that will now be available. This chart provides members with a list of select hotels where they can get up to 20% savings when redeeming rewards there.

Points Advance Option

The new Points Advance option that Marriott added recently allows you to make the most out of your rewards points. This option allows you to book a stay in advance of having enough points to cover it, so long as you earn or purchase enough points to pay off the outstanding balance within fourteen days before your stay. This can allow you the unique opportunity to take advantage of special rewards while they’re available, despite lacking the points.

Travel Perks

The travel packages for the Marriott/SPG Reward Program just got even sweeter. They used to only include Category 3 and 4 SPG properties, but now the travel packages include all SPG properties. SPG and Marriott Rewards members can redeem their points for either airline miles or hotel stays at 6,500 participating hotels starting in August of 2019.

New Ways to Earn Points

Beginning this August, members will have the ability to earn points on every purchase. This gives members countless more opportunities to earn points than previously available, cutting down the wait before you’ve accrued enough for rewards.

New Ways to Redeem Your Points

They only added one new option for points redemption, but it’s a pretty great option. Now, you can also redeem your points on anything you can charge to your hotel room: cocktails, spa treatments, meals, in-room movies and other forms of entertainment, etc. This could give you even more opportunities to save money while you’re traveling.

There’s no way to tell, as of yet, if these changes are going to end up being permanent or only temporary. While there’s a lot of good within these changes, there’s some extra red tape for which you’ll have to watch out. On the whole, the majority of these changes are ones you’ll want to take full advantage of while they’re still around.

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