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All the Reasons to Make a Login.gov Account

If you’ve requested a Trusted Traveler Program or have tried to access your Global Entry account lately, you may have noticed some changes. For instance, you now have to have a login.gov account to access your private information. There’s a lot of benefits to this change that well outweigh the hassle of creating the account, such as more security, easier access to your information, and much more. We’ll walk you through all the benefits of the all-new login.gov account.

It’s more secure

If you weren’t already aware, there is a very large amount of your private information tied to your Global Entry account. This information is highly sensitive and you certainly don’t want it falling into the wrong hands. This is the main reason they implemented this new feature: for your added protection. Though creating the account can seem tedious and not worth the hassle, it definitely is to protect your private information.

Everything’s in one place

It’s easy to view everything you need in one place. Your Global Entry dashboard, located after you sign in, allows you to see pending applications, memberships you currently possess, and links to where you can apply for new programs. All of your Global Entry program details and personal information are also located here. You can see it all in one place and know exactly where you stand.

It’s necessary to become a Trusted Traveler

Becoming a Trusted Traveler makes traveling to the US much easier. You can bypass all that wasted time going through processing and expedite your wait. To gain access to this great program you must first make a login.gov account, then fill out the application, and pass each step in the process. You can monitor your pending application through your login.gov as well.

Making a login.gov account really is the simplest and most secure way to access all your Global Entry information. It may seem tedious and unnecessary to fill out all the forms and go through the process of making this account, but it’s well worth it for the security and the convenience of having all the information in your Global Entry dashboard.

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