Southwest Airlines Companion Pass

Travelling can be expensive and sometimes the cost of just getting to your destination can hamper your ability to fly. If you fly Southwest Airlines frequently there is a way to get a free ticket for someone to go along with you on your trip.

What is the Companion Pass?

The companion pass is a free ticket that allows you to take someone along with you on your flight. There is a Sept 11th security fee that must be paid; it cannot be waived. It is not more than $10 for a round-trip ticket and may include fees or taxes when applicable. You can order the Companion Pass ticket over the phone when booking your Southwest Airlines flight. The companion must fly on the same flight as you are flying. You can use the Companion Pass on AirTran only if you book it through Southwest Airlines. You can change who your companion is up to three times a year. The Companion Pass is good for the calendar year it starts and through the following year on Dec 31st.

How do I get a Companion Pass?

There are four credit card options that you can chose from that are through Chase bank.

You will need to earn 110,000 points or 100 qualifying one way flights in a calendar year before you can get a companion pass. In order to get the points you must purchase the tickets through Southwest Airlines with your Southwest Airlines credit card. Any one of the credit cards will give you points.

Another way to earn points is by checking out the rapid rewards for dining or shopping on the Southwest Airlines web portal. You can use your card on your trip or for everyday items like groceries or gas. You can use your card to rent cars as well.

You can get points by just using the credit card, but using it at a location on the rewards page gives you extra points. You can also earn rewards by using your RapidRewards card to book a stay at Best Western, Choice, Hyatt, LaQuinta, Marriot or Starwood chains from the Southwest Airlines webpage where you can earn up to 750 points at hotels.

Perks of Different Rapids Reward Cards to Earn Points

The Rapid Rewards Premier Credit Card you get a sign-on bonus of 60,000 points if you spend $2,000 within the first three months. This card also gives you 6,000 points annually with an annual fee of $99. The Rapid Rewards Plus Card gives you 3,000 points annually with a $69 annual fee. Both of these cards offer personal and business cards and you can combine the points on each card towards the Companion Pass.

Additional Information

As with any offer it is important to read the fine print on anything. You can still get a ticket on sale and use the Companion Pass. If you book online you will have to call Southwest airlines to get your Companion Pass. Keep in mind that taxes and fees may apply to the Companion Pass depending on your state. A Companion Pass cannot be used for standby. The Companion Pass does not earn points.

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